When can Corporate Vitality Index Management Survey be helpful for you?

  • If you want to make sure that your managing pattern is being copied, so your key to success is also included in your managers
  • If you want to be sure that your managers do what you expect them to do
  • If you experience performance degradation and have not too much time to reveal real cause of the problem
  • If you perceive stress in team
  • If you want to concentrate on the essentials and do not want to get lost in hundreds of pages in reports


Who can be measured by it?

Your leaders, their subordinates, teams , as well as a whole company.

The new generation organizational and management analysis is one of the most successful management tools for a leader to access higher team performance today.

Kinek és mikor ajánljuk?

A felmérés haszna

Characteristics of survey

  • accurate, short, easy-to-follow managing guidance and reports
  • online survey based on a research of the University of Melbourne
  • protected under registration number 150127001T
  • reliable - 5 years of operational experience
  • behavior-based survey
  • filling time: 25-50 minutes
  • more than 65,000 mathematical operations
  • four big dimensions (company, work, leader, team)
  • three measuring output levels (corporate, team and individual)
  • extremely high willingness to respond with name given
  • the measured rate of manipulation has been below 2%

A felmérés előnyei

Advantages of survey

  • provides immediate assistance to the leader
  • defines specific managerial tasks
  • explores the personal managerial needs of subordinates
  • reveals latent problems
  • it makes critical result-areas measurable
  • backtesting gives undistorted image of the change
  • gives answers to ’hows’
  • development result is guaranteed

A felmérés jellegzetességei

Benefits of survey

  • managerial work becomes more effective
  • management succession becomes more secure
  • increases employee performance, efficiency and commitment
  • company becomes more unified
  • departments become more cooperative
  • reduced staff turnover
  • improved economic corporate results
  • revaluated corporate goodwill


About the Corporate Vitality Index survey

Method is behavioral-based. Patterns of behaviour are embodied in responses, to identify those attitudes of employees which come from their contentment on that certain field. In accordance with this all responses and process values reflect perceptions of employees. Thus, in the case where only a small percentage of respondents finds a certain field to be improved, our task is to manage perception and individual promblems of employees showing critical survey results. If many employees give lower ratings for the measured result-areas, that certain area should be developed.

Areas of measurement

Relating  to the company

  • the company’s vision
  • corporate culture
  • company’a market reliability
  • commitment for the company
  • market reactions of company
  • corporate renewal
  • ethical market behavior of the company
  • company as a learning organization
  • protectionism
  • enterprise systems

Relating to work

  • work intensity
  • overloading
  • workplace goals
  • assessing usefulness of work
  • role conflict
  • value conflict
  • flexibility
  • responsibility
  • technical background
  • working conditions

Relating to the leader

  • planning
  • involvement
  • delegation
  • motivating
  • checking
  • feedback
  • appreciation, praise
  • managerial communication
  • decision-making of management
  • emotional intelligence

Relating to the team

  • supporting each other
  • accepting each other
  • common values
  • atmosphere of trust
  • conflicts in the team
  • team spirit
  • criticism within the team
  • intrigue within the team
  • cynicism within the team
  • individual uprising options

Egyéni eredmények
Individual level

Csapatszintű eredmények
Team level

Vállalatszintű eredmények
Company level


Results of the CVI - meaning of CVI values in the survey

  • value of 0 and below           -       immediate actions needed
  • values between 0 and 1       -      to be improved
  • values between 1 and 2       -      good
  • values of 2 and higher         -      outstanding







Diagrams are interpreted by values of table below,with the exception of diagrams showing difference from average results.

Corporate level - The chart shows results for the CVI survey for the entire company.



Figure shows the company (as the employer), in respect of  total number of employees is considered to be good by employees' perception,

The figure shows that area  to be developed - as perceived by the employees - at the company level is

  • managerial efficiency





Team level – team results of leader 1



Diagram shows results of the CVI survey for team 1.

Figure shows the team (as part of organization), the team (such as  working community) considers all four dimensions (CORPORATE, WORK, LEADER, TEAM) to be good in overall-

About the team in general:

  • they accept and consider company as their own
  • their level of work comfort is proper
  • their leader is considered to be competent and to be followed
  • they consider themselves to operate as a team.

Individual results


vvi radar ind total

In order to ease the review and detailed presentation of individual results, following diagram shows all index of Arpad in one chart. Green line marked at score 1 means just appropriate values. Area to be found below this score requires attention. But dimensions under red lined area require immediate attention, indicating a problem that has significant effect on performace and attitude of all workers in the same organizational field.






Consideration of work

1.4     work intensity
0.33  overload
1,4     work goals
1,38  sense of usefullness in my work
1,7     role conflict
1.3    value conflict
1,65  flexibility
1.05  responsibility
0.7    technical background
1.95  work conditions

Diagram shows CVI survey results for the whole company

Figures show company level development needs, by the perception of employees, they are overloaded (missing) technical background needed for work,
We measure company level dimensions of COMPANY, WORK (as shown here), LEADER and TEAM (whole company).



Team of Leader no. 1- team level results

0,92   planning
0.62   involvement
1.26   delegation
1.33   motivation
1.26   checking
0.75  feedback
0,8    appreciation, praise
1,23  managerial communication
1.21   management decision making
0,78 emotional intelligency

Diagram shows CVI DIRECT SUPERIOR survey results for the team of leader 1

Figures show team level development needs (in relation to the direct superior), by the perception of employees. They need development in

  • planning
  • involvement
  • feedback
  • appreciation, praise
  • EQ – emotional quotient

We measure team level dimensions of COMPANY, WORK, LEADER (as shown here), and TEAM (whole company).



Individual results for XY – management dimension

planning-involvement-delegation-motivation-checking-feedback-appreciation, praise,- managerial communication – management decision making – emotional intelligency.

Analysing individual results, there is possibility to check only one certain dimension, too. This time we choose employee and critical dimension to be checked from report of „Team results/dimension/ filtered individually”.  After this we filter on the search area. This kind of approach can be expedient if a certain dimension should be developed for many people and we would like to focus on this certain dimension when developing them.


Work assessment differing from average – corporate (company) level

Work intensity -  Overload – Work goals – sense of usefulness in my work – role conflict – value conflict – flexibility – responsibility – technical background – work circumstances

Diagram shows CVI survey for whole company in relation to work with index results, showing differences from average in all measured areas.

Figures show company level measurement for WORK dimension area. It needs developmnent in

  • overload
  • technical background needed for work
  • responsibility in work


Difference from average in assessment for leader 1 – team-level results

Planning – involvement – delegation – motivation – checking – feedback – appreciation, praise – managerial communication – managerial decision – emotional intelligency

Diagram shows BVI DIRECT SUPERIOR (LEADER) index survey results for the team of leader 1, in relation of differences from all measured areas

According to figures in team level measurement for LEADER dimension, development needed in

  • planning
  • involvement
  • feedback
  • appreciation, praise
  • EQ – emotional quotient


Team of leader 1 – individual indexes in assessment of leader and their differences from average

worker 1 – worker 2 – worker 3….
Index –leader
Index – manager’s difference from average

Diagram shows individual screening results for DIRECT SUPERIOR (LEADER) 1
Diagram shows assessment for leader efficiency is suboptimal by employee 6, 7, 8 and 9.
Responses of team members differing from average illustrate nicely their different level of satisfaction with their leader’s work.
Critical- to be developed – managerial result-areas will be shown individually on diagrams „CVI survey individual results”

Leadership model copy


Top manager vs. his subordinate middle managers

vviosszehason111 (1)

This figure shows that top manager (general manager) and members of his team (middle managers) have the very same thinking on assessment in company-work-leader-team. They see both strenghts and possibilities for development similarly. Middle managers’ communication – to their subordinates – in principle should not show a copy of the top manager. As the company and organizational unit both work well, this can even be a successful copy.

Middle manager1 vs his subordinates


This figure shows that middle manager1 and members of his team more or less have the same way of thinking on assessment in company-work-leader-team.

They see the strenghts and possibilities for development similarly.

The middle manager in his communication and leading style – to his subordinates – is the „copy” of the top manager. As top managing model is good, so measured results of middle manager’s team is good, too.

Middle manager2 vs his subordinates

vviosszehason333 (1)

Figures shown in this chart are alarming. It is conspicuous that members in midddle manager2’s team have very different way of thinking on company-work-leader-team than their manager.

While middle manager’s view and opinion on quality of result areas in company is fairly positive, in the meantime his subordinates talk about deficit on most of measured areas.

Results of survey has been proved in top management consultancy after presentation of survey. This confirmed top manager’s former decision on transforming that organizational unit.


Intervention points





Diagram shows TEAM LEVEL stress-factors. Critical employees has also been INDIVIDUALLY analysed!

Radar diagram of middle manager 2 shows different assessment on his own leading model and performance than his subordinates.
This false perception means very high STRESS RISK for both the middle manager and his team. These risks significantly show themselves at a certain point, when performance declines drastically in unexpected ways and employees submit terminations. Symptoms may appear as customer complaints, co-class unfulfilled requests that have an impact on the functioning of the entire company.


Development goal

Knowing CVI Survey results we can identify responsible people for areas to be developed, rate and extent of development, schedule, mode according to corporate priorities.
Relying on our expertise, manager will achieve spectacular results in a relatively short time. Our goal is to give professional support in bringing critical areas encountered during the survey to an appropriate level.

So in steps:

  • CVI attitude/motivation level results for companies, teams, individuals (report, presentation)
  • Development plan (for individuals, teams, companies)
  • Professional development

Development – based on its methodology – can be:

  • motivational workshop
  • development cooperation
  • supervision
  • action learning
  • management consulting
  • establishing network leadership
  • knowledge sharing
  • coaching
  • moderated best practice session
  • training, etc.

In order to obtain commitment of leaders concerned, we determine together areas, pace and extent of development in accordance with corporate priorities within the framework of a consultancy.

It is important to know that

- development areas with scores below „0” value index are CRITICAL and need immediate action!
- development areas with scores below „1” value index to be developed within 1-2 months, taking into account that affected area rather worsens than improves in longer time than this.

For example, let's take a look at radar chart a little bit higher up depicting individual results!



Development of leaders and organization takes place in those areas, rate and extent, that agreed with the manager. Most appropriate methodology for identified areas to be developed is being discussed with the manager. It is a basic thesis that performance of organization or organizational unit can be reached by developing manager’s competency.

Clearly identifying PLACE and RATE of organizational problem, leadership competency and efficiency can be achieved relatively quickly and simply.

How to manage development?

  • Manager receives result of CVI survey in a short an easy to read form of report. This clearly shows which areas are below ’0’ and ’1’ values. According to this he can identify areas, rate and milestones of development. Rate of development should skip up ’1’ index value.
  • Manager receives result of CVI survey in a short an easy to read form of report. We set up priorities and goals in the framework of executive consultation together with the manager. After this, WE create a development plan. In this case it is manager’s own task to make development achieved.
  • Manager receives result of CVI survey in a short an easy to read form of report. We set up priorities and goals in the framework of executive consultation together with the manager. After this, WE create a development plan. Following this, we create most effective method for areas to be developed and we guide manager through the process. Guarantee to be given for development only in this case.

Development process

  1. Creating commitment (preparatory meeting)
  2. Survey
  3. Executive consultancy /goal set up/
  4. Guarantee-agreement for results (optional)
  5. Development /leadership consultancy/coaching/
  6. Sharing knowledge/training
  7. Backtesting
  8. Guarantee (optional)

What does a development plan contain?

  • team level result areas to be developed on the basis of priority
  • individual level (for subordinates) result areas to be developed on the basis of priority
  • questions to be cleared in individual development process as well as development impacts on individuals
  • executive competencies to be developed individually
  • development methods for areas to develop
  • hazards can be occured in development process
  • development goals to be achieved, optimal conditions





Exploring root causes for management difficulties and monitoring changes in management work and organization is the basis of a conscious and successful executive work and a very high corporate performance.

Expressing our commitment at the end of development process we provide special 50% discount to our clients for backesting!




What does warranty mean?

Warranty covers development goal of numerical index value. Most commonly, when measured index value of a critical operational area is below ’0’, this greatly hinders performance. This time the goal is to develop index value of a certain area to ’0’ or above ’1’. Warranty is based on the measurability of survey index change between times of completing survey and backtesting, so rate of development can be checked.

We provide guarantee for only those cases, when we know CVI survey results and development goals to be achieved and we have been entrusted for development.

What does it mean?

Individual development plan must be exactly followed. During period of development we provide executive methodological consulting, in accordance with demands. Timing and mode for development is being continuosly checked. Most commonly used methods:

  • consultancy
  • shadowing
  • coaching
  • personal interview with subordinates
  • personal appearance on meetings
  • participation in shared knowledge meetings
  • participation the valuation-feedback meetings

Warranted contract is useful for critical areas to develop!


Reference – Sió-Eckes

Survey gave quick and exact view on human background of team surveyed. It was a reliable support for the team leader to develop team members’ motivational level and performance of individuals to a similar level. I suggest this survey for all those who believe that there is potencial in their team and are able to improve their present result.

János Barna
Director of Sales
Sió-Eckes Hungary Ltd.



Reference – Libri

Power of this program was its flexibility and cost-effectivity. We received well defined development guidelines extremely quickly for the whole team. Moreover, we realized differences among individual motivations. Individually created program based on our survey was more straightforward, so it became more effective than any of our former programs. During backtesting we experienced development in all focused areas. Leaders of surveyed teams achieved spectacular results with less energy and time consumption. This could be seen on both motivation level of team and sales results.

Éva Jámbor
HR manager
Libri Book Trade Ltd.



Reference – Butlers

Completing this survey we could highlight those areas that could be spectacularly developed in aspects of both management and human resources. Survey was quick and reliable. Knowing results of survey development could have been realized cost-effectively and with very high efficiency. It brought profit for Butler’s shops in very short time.

Gabor Haasz
Managing Director


More references:

  • SEGECE/KLEPIERRE, STORCK, OBO Bettermann, Lambda System, Megaholz, FSI Hungaro and many more.




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